My Libera Obsession

25 Sep 2010

1. I always open and see Libera's page on Facebook or Libera360 first thing everytime I go online.

2. I always listen to their songs every day, every hour, every minute, and every time. My playlist is full of their songs. Therefore I have memorized all of the lyrics very well.

3. I want to meet all of them. I always wonder when I will meet them. Even when I was sleeping, I often dreamed about them. In my dreams, I met them. Oh you know, although this was only a dream, but I am very happy. It feels just so real. I am more and more obsessed to get to meet them someday. HAHAHA

4. Their names are always sounding in my prayers. Asking God to make me meet them, to bless them, and many more. Such as: "Oh, God, please give me a chance to meet them. Please God, I wanna really meet those angelic-boys." AMEN.

5. Never stopped thinking about them. Their angelic-faces are always playing in my mind like a slideshow in advertising board. Their lovely voices always echoing in my head as if there is a Winamp there.

In short, I am obsessed and addicted - in a good way - with them. :):) LOVE LIBERA!!!!

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