Dear Josh,

26 Oct 2013

The White Robes - Josh Madine's 19th Birthday

Preview of Angels Sing - Christmas in Ireland

11 Oct 2013

Libera posted a preview video of their upcoming DVD: Angels Sing - Christmas in Ireland. Well, I have a story to tell for you before we talk about the video. So, I got a notification on phone that Libera uploaded a new video. Of course I headed to their channel right away, but only to find there was nothing new. Later, people started posting it on Twitter and guess what, I couldn't watch it because of the copyright issue. I was a bit disappointed because of it. Then miracle happened. Sort of. Apparently the video can't be accessed from mobile. So, my suggestion is don't watch it on phone.

OK. My opinion about the video? LOVED it! The boys are so funny. They look a bit nervous. And it's asdfghjkl cute! Perhaps as they say in their latest blog and in the video itself, they are afraid of being embarrassed forever on the DVD. Haha. And oh-my-boys! Even though we only got bits and pieces of the concert, I will say that their performance is superb! Every boy, soloist or not, did a very well done job. They sing every song oh-so-beautiful! Make this DVD is really something. Now what are you waiting for? Order your copy now!

PS: Please read my previous post if you haven't. I have something important to tell. 

A Few Notes on Libera and Other Stuff

10 Oct 2013

Hi! How are you my friends? Omg, there is a lot going on in Libera's world lately. And I love it! Are you excited for the new Christmas DVD? I am! Have you ordered your copy? Here's the link, do it now! For the Filipino, the CD/DVD's will be available on October 27 at Astroplus Stores. They also will sell it during the concerts. Speaking of the concerts, the Philippines tour is only 3 weeks away. I'm excited for you guys who get the chance to see it. Enjoy every second of it! By the way, another Christmas concert will be held on November 28 in London. Don't forget they start selling the concert ticket TODAY at 2pm London time. It usually sells out fast, so get your fingers ready!

Well, have you noticed anything different? Well, aside from (again) another new look on the blog. Yes, you are correct! I have changed my blog title to "The White Robes". Why? For the past few years running this blog, I've been asking myself why I chose "London in Love" of all Libera-related stuff I could choose to be my blog title. Honestly I always thought it was such a silly name for a Libera fan blog. Lol. But, I never had enough courage to change it until now. And I think this is the right time to make the move.

Not only the title, I will change the URL/address as well. It will be the same as the title. Along with this post, I want to give you notice before I move the blog to the new address. So, you will not be confused of the sudden change and wonder where the heck madinelover blog is. One day if you stumble on thewhiterobes(dot)blogspot(dot)com, that is me!

I know, I know, this is such a huuuge change. But, it is necessary. I want my blog screams Libera in general. I'm really sad to lose the madinelover from the blog. It has become a part of me. So, it is hard to let it go. Well, but I'll always be a Madinelover at heart. Also on twitter, tumblr, and email. Hehe. Okay, I think that's all. I possibly will move after Josh's birthday or Philippines tour. So, watch out!

Angels Sing - Christmas in Ireland

25 Sep 2013

Hey people! There's a good news!

As you know, Libera has filmed their concert in Armagh last month. Well, Warner Classics will be releasing the album very soon. It is called "Angels Sing - Christmas in Ireland". Lovely title! It will be packaged in two formats, CD and DVD. They will be releasing it on November 4 in Japan and UK. While Amazon US will be releasing it on November 5. How exciting! You can start pre-ordering it from now!

Tower Records Japan: CD ¥1985, DVD ¥2405
HMV Japan: CD ¥1827, DVD ¥2300
Amazon US: CD $18.99, DVD $17.49
Amazon UK: CD £13.99, DVD £13.99

Joy To The World 
God Rest You Merry Gentlemen 
The Wexford Carol 
In Dulci Jubilo 
Angels From On High 
Sanctus (Pachelbel's Canon) 
Danny Boy 
Carol Of The Bells 
O Holy Night 
Still, Still, Still 
Away In Manger 
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas 
Silent Night 
What Child Is This

Bonus track:
Once In Royal David's City 
Behind the Scene Footage