Preview of Angels Sing - Christmas in Ireland

11 Oct 2013

Libera posted a preview video of their upcoming DVD: Angels Sing - Christmas in Ireland. Well, I have a story to tell for you before we talk about the video. So, I got a notification on phone that Libera uploaded a new video. Of course I headed to their channel right away, but only to find there was nothing new. Later, people started posting it on Twitter and guess what, I couldn't watch it because of the copyright issue. I was a bit disappointed because of it. Then miracle happened. Sort of. Apparently the video can't be accessed from mobile. So, my suggestion is don't watch it on phone.

OK. My opinion about the video? LOVED it! The boys are so funny. They look a bit nervous. And it's asdfghjkl cute! Perhaps as they say in their latest blog and in the video itself, they are afraid of being embarrassed forever on the DVD. Haha. And oh-my-boys! Even though we only got bits and pieces of the concert, I will say that their performance is superb! Every boy, soloist or not, did a very well done job. They sing every song oh-so-beautiful! Make this DVD is really something. Now what are you waiting for? Order your copy now!

PS: Please read my previous post if you haven't. I have something important to tell. 


  1. Hi Yuni,

    Have you heard of Michael Ustynovych-Repa's news? From what I read at Liberatimeline, he has left the group because he had gotten a scholarship. It means that he is no longer in Libera? So sad but I am so glad for his great achievement. (but still sad in another way ): )

    1. Hello Trang!

      Yes, I have heard about that. That is such a loss. I mean, he just blossomed into an amazing soloist of Libera. But had to leave all of sudden. And I think he won't come back. Yet I will still wish him best luck with his scholarship! :)

    2. Yes, such a los! What a pity! And just like you, I always wish him all the best with his scholarship.He's so intelligent. Hoping he'll be back with the group one day (: