The First Moment

6 Oct 2010

At the first time I've heard their song, it gave me fantastic sensation in my heart. It feet like there was a ALLELUIA song by Handel echoing in my head. 



Yeah, that’s true. Finally I found it. I found that kind of music I’ve been looking for. Full of peace and spirit. Thank God, I feel like I’m in heaven now. 

The beautiful voices. 
The perfect music. 
The stunning robes.
The angelic voices. 

Who are they?? 
They are LIBERA. 

FARAWAY was the first song of them I’ve heard. Ohh, that’s a REALLY BEAUTIFUL song. The heart-touching lyrics, the peaceful music, and the tender voice of Michael Horncastle. Awww, totally PERFECTO!!!!!!! The song was made me in tears. And it made me falling in love with LIBERA for the first listened (not for the first sight) LOL. 

Since that, I've been searching everything about them. Who they are, where they're from, who’s behind the scenes, etc, etc. And day by day I love them more and more. It's been almost 3 years I've become their fan. And I will always will be. 

Yeah, that’s it. And how about you, guys? Do you have any story about them? I’d love to hear it. :) Far Away by Libera 

Far Away by Libera

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