Introducing Libera

1 Nov 2010

Okay, this is video from the new generation of Libera as the spoke-persons introducing Libera. No Josh, no Ben, no Liam, no JB, no other older boys. And it means we must ready to let them go sooner or later. So sad! But, we must accept the fact. I have seen many boys come in and out Libera. Well, everything will be fine. You know, how time does fly. 

Now we have some other cute boys in Libera: the newbies! They are also ready to create beautiful harmony together, do the best they can do just for us, their fans. I know they will not disappointed us. And I will always love Libera forever with or without JOSH. I promise.

Well, in fact, I do enjoy this video so much. The boys really know how to tell the story. I love their expressions when they talk about their experiences in Libera. How cute it is. And yeah that's one of many reason I always love Libera boys. :)

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