Libera Blog Video 2010

29 Oct 2010

I'd like to say many thanks to Libera for sharing this precious video. OMG, I love it so freaking much. This is a fun video. Never get bored to watch it again, again, and again. This video contains their activities during 2010. Starting from Spring Tour that included several country in Asia such as Japan, Korea, and Philippines (Well, actually, I really wish that one day they will come to my country too. Amen). Then being stranded due to volcanic eruption. Doing a concert in Arundel, then having Summer Tour in USA, and the last is filming for Time and Deep Peace. 

Okay, the last scene is my most favorite scene, especially in Deep Peace Special Edition. I was literally rolling on the floor laughing when I watched it. OK, this is it. No, I won’t tell you more. You should watch it by yourself and you’ll find out why I love that scene. You’ll see the other side of Libera as ordinary boys. ;) Enjoy!

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