Libera Angel Voices Tour - Japan 2010

4 Nov 2010

Libera just shared again their new video. So much videos, right? This video was shot in Japan (Spring Tour 2010). It is available on the Japanese version of Peace Deluxe Edition. That is a long video, about 22 minutes! Very lovely. Everyone is speaking! They talked about the stunning concert that they did (yeah, sadly, I was not there), hobbies, favorite music, and many more. You'll never get bored to watch it.


Captured pictures
What a perfect opening. Adoramus, soloist by Stefan. He was amazing. His high notes is OH-MY-GOD. Goosebumps. 
"Keep watching. It's gonna be amazing.... ", Josh said and smiled. 
"Keep watching. It's gonna be great....", Josh said and smiled (again). 
Keep watching, keep smiling. Auuuwww, Josh we will. :)
A bunch of excited Japan fans. They were queuing patiently. 
"It's quite tired"...Yeah, I know you must be sooooo tired. You just had a long journey, Daniel. 
Oh, I really feel sad when I watched this part. I know, I know. I can't imagine Libera without you Josh. But, life must go on. And I wish the best for your future life. But, I still expect that you'll stay forever in Libera. 
Freddie has a speech, introducing Libera. He was speaking Japanese in early his speech. Cute! 
Cassius and Luke, they are still new when they went to Japan in 2010. They two are so excited.
 Liam, I love Michael Buble and Mika too. We have a common in favorite musician. 
STEFAN!!!!!!! I love your red apple cheeks, and your voice (of course). But, why are you so shy? Just relax. Hahaha
Now, Josh and his Ponyo. What's Josh doing? Caress his Ponyo? LOL. How sweet. 
Okay, I love this part. I love to see the other expression of Carlos. I thought he's a kinda shy person. But, I was wrong. Hahaha, you must keep remembering your friend's name well, Carlos. 
What's wrong Alfie? Tired? Sleepy? Sick? Or what? 
WOW! The black robes. I love it. It's the first time I see this robes. That's cool. And I love Orinoco Flow. 
I always love Mini James. He's my favorite one. You just did a good job in Love and Mercy, along Freddie.
Hahaha, what a funny expression of Alex. Why did you laugh, Alex? What is wrong with 'Aikido'?
Look at Kavana. What are you looking at, Kavana? I'm wondering what's exactly make Kavana stunned like that. 
Listening to the music, reading book, and chatting are activities that they do during their spare time. 
Three adorable young men. 
Who's lying on there? I think I know he is. LOL
Sayonara, Libera. And it was a great-amazing concert. Eventhough I was not there, but I know it right by watching this video. Everyone's singing so well. Great, actually. Many many thanks for Libera. Thanks for your beautiful music, Thanks for everything. I love you more. Forever. 

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