Looking Back At 3 Years Ago...

18 Nov 2010

The introduction video posted in 2007 for promoting Libera to the world. This is the kind of video like this. Hmmmm…the same song, but different boys. Time (really) flies, huh? Aaaahh..
Auuuuwww, cutie pie! OMG, and he's so different now, but he still has the same smile.
Photo shoot. I always love this part, seeing pictures of them. 
Okay, that's weird shot. It's my fault. 
He’s truly angelic boy, Michael Horncastle. I believe it.
Oh...JB was sooo chubby. 
Auuuuwww, Make up! 
See, I told you that you're the cutest boy I've ever knew, Josh. 
I don't know, but I really like it. Nice shot. Epic! 
My Smiley Face (JOSH), the Joketive Kid (TOM), and the Angelic Eyes (MICHAEL). Love y'all.  
Yeah, I know, you're the coolest one, Michael. Yey! 
Tom Cully, our legendary soloist. His endless-high voice will always stay in my heart. 

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