Korean Peace Deluxe Edition

30 Nov 2010

Here is some pictures taken from Peace Deluxe Edition for Korean. Pictures credits to Carl who has shared it for us. So, check this out: 
This album has position on no. 6 in the Classical Chart from (I don't know exactly) this store or the country(?). 
Cover of the album. It has the same picture just like the other edition, except Japan
Back of the box. It mentioned the track of this album. 
18 Month Calendar is one of bonus from this Edition. Every months are stapled together with the lyrics of all the tracks in the album. 
The booklet. 
And here is THE MINI POSTER of our beloved boys at the back of booklet. 

PS: OH MY JOSH, I can't wait for my PEACE DELUXE EDITION anymore. What took you so long? Oh Amazon.com where is mine? Huft! 

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  1. and the japan edition has the 22 minute video from their tour^^. the only different is that the words are in korean