Never Knew Before

29 Jan 2011

All the time I claimed myself as their BIG FAN. I thought I am. Certainly. Definitely. No doubt. But, what a shame!!!! I didn't even know that these beautiful songs exist. I know all of their albums since they were still named St. Philips Choir until now they changed their name to Libera.

But now I just realized that I didn’t really pay attention to all of the song. I only listened to the ‘famous’ ones which were talked by many people. And being so careless to another. What a pity. Oh God, have mercy on me. I swear, I really love those songs below. Beautiful. Enchanting. Breathtaking. I wonder why I just found them now. Wish Libera will remake it someday. I’ll be waiting for that. Now, they are my favorites. 

Angelis (Libera, 1999)
Ah, this blew my mind. Lovely. Stunning. Super beautiful. OK, I think I'm in love with this song.

Bright Eyes-Gareth Lowman (New Day, 1990)
It's old. But, it's awesome. The boys sounded so fabulous. This one captured my heart easily.


  1. Totally agree with you that these songs are just sooooo beautiful and stunning and fabulous and terrific !!!! OMG how could I miss these also ... Thanks for the reminder Yuni :)

    1. I know right?! I just hope they will bring "Angelis" back to the concert. Because the lower voices part is so sick! And Bright Eyes is just oh so wonderful!

  2. ... and personal opinion: I love both of the songs but somehow I love Angelis more than Bright Eyes-Gareth Lowman :D

    1. Oh, I just saw this.
      And I'm totally with you on this! I really loooove Angelis better than Bright Eyes tbh!