Same But Different

24 Jan 2011

I've just found out that Libera has several songs which have two different version. They have same titles, same lyrics too, and based on John Rutter. But they have different composition and arrangement. Although they're all absolutely BEAUTIFUL. 

All Things Bright And Beautiful
The first song is taken from Angel Voices 2 in 1996, and the video below made for Songs of Praise. This song is released in Liam O'Kane era. Oh yeah, this version is John Rutter's composition. While the second song is not, but still based on it. I think maybe it is Mr.Prizeman's arrangement. It's more up-beat than the first one. Though I love both of them. Anyway, the second one is not included in any album of theirs. It was only made for Songs of Praise. I think it was created around 2002. 


Deep Peace (Gaelic Blessing)
Deep Peace or Gaelic Blessing is one of my favourites. It is perfomed by Libera in their album called Sing For Ever when they were still named St.Philips Choir in 1988. Wow, that's a long long time ago. This one is composed by John Rutter. Jaymi Bandtock took the solo part in this song. His voice was gentle and breathtaking. In 2010, Libera re-made the song for their new album 'Peace'. For this new version Stefan Leadbeater as soloist who did a successful job.
So, how about the other version? It seems this song is same like All Things Bright and Beautiful 2. They are not John Rutter's composition, not included into any Libera's album, and only made for Songs of Praise (in 2001). 


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