What a Hilarious Moment of Libera

16 Jan 2011

Hey, I’m back. I feel like a thousand years I have not been updating this blog. LOL. Well, since there’s no updates yet from Libera ( now we’ve been waiting for the video ‘Sanctissima’ of SoP, Peace Deluxe Edition USA releasing, and Epsom concert, and many more updates) so I’ll give these for you. A couple weeks ago, I found these three videos of ‘old’ Libera. But honestly, it's the first time I just watched the first and the second ones. Where have I been? What can I say? That was funny, hilarious, and soooooo Libera. 

The first video is the very first video of them on Youtube. Maybe I can call it as a test-drive (?) video, or up to you. It’s a really short video though, only 0:14 seconds. There are Liam, Michael, Tom, and Josh. The things that make it funny are when:

Tom's hyperactive mode: ON. 
Tom: BYEEEEEEE.....!!!!! 
He's being so CRAZY. Hahaha, totally cute and funny. 
And it ended with they cracked up at Tom.

And the second is a blooper video. It’s from their tour/concert in Japan, 2006. I think it’s for a promotion. Well, it’s not a good quality video, but it’s really fun to watch. Believe me, you’ll be laughing and rolling on the floor. We have Tom, Callum, Big Ben, Michael H, Josh, Michael V, and Steven on it. Ah, it's the cutest thing ever. Even these boys also made a mistake when talking in front of camera. So, it's a normal, isn't it?
Big Ben made a mistake by saying a wrong word in Japanese. 
Now, it's Callum's mistake. He slipped his tongue. 
Look at Michael H. He was getting desperate. LOL. 
Steven: "And we're...not to come again."
Seriously, in this part I can't help myself to not laugh. Hahaha.
Were you serious saying that, Steven? Okay, I know you were not. 
The boys were discussing what better things to say. 

It seems Josh and Tom were really depressed.
Josh: "Oh my goodness! No, I can't stand it anymore". 
 Tom: (while bit his nails) "When will all of this over?" 
Hahaha, of course they didn't say that. It's just me.

The last video is came from their Tour 2009. They had concerts in Japan and LA. During their tour they had a trip to fun places in those cities, such zoo, museum (I think), and beach. I really enjoyed looking them having fun and playing around like normal kids, though they're normal kids indeed. 
This begins from our two Libera rappers, Josh and Liam. 
Both: It's a tour. It's a tour. Yeah. Two thousand and nine. Yeah. Two thousand and nine.
It seemed both of them were just so excited with their tour.
Stefan: Cornflakes! (Thumb up, smile, and pose)
Can he be any cuter than this? Auuuuww.....
 Liam: Oh my God! It's dolphin. (Excited!) 
I think he loves dolphin.
Liam: PENGUINNNN! (So much excited!!!)
LOL. I think he really loves penguin.
I love watching both of them always together, just like this.  
Having fun with Tigger (right?). Liam and Alex were jumping and singing (?). 
What's wrong with you, Mini Ben??? Hahaha
 Ohh, Ed and his coolest-ever sunglasses!
Crazy dancing  of Josh. 
In this video, I just realized that Josh is a bit hyperactive and a kind of humorous person.  
Mini Ben is speaking too fast. But, I love the way he speaks. 
That's make this funny. 
Stefan: Hey, look at me! I can fly!!!!!
Another crazy dancer of Libera. I didn't know JB was good at dancing. 
(Sorry, I couldn't take a good shot of him)
Ahhh, Mini James is always cute. 
(Oh my God, I can't believe it, I use word 'cute' for a thousand time. Hahaha.)
He's very happy to get a little gift from fans. I wonder what exactly it is. 

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  1. hope to see more photos and videos of them and their new members. :)