Official Website's New Look

30 Mar 2011

It's about 18 hours ago, Libera launched their Official Website's new look. Ah, I am SUPER like it. How refresh to see different colors in there. Here is the new layout:
So, what else is new?
We can see at Home page, Libera added some applications that enables us to see updates from Facebook, Liblog, Twitter, and Youtube. How nice, right? Besides, they also added News and Events on it so we firstly see the updates when open the website. Other than that it remained the same as before, only had a little upgrade and touch up to look more attractive. But, I REALLY appreciated their work to make something different like this. And of course I love it. This is much better than the old one. GREAT JOB, guys! Keep up the good work!   
They also have new collection of pictures in their Gallery menu. Here are some my favorite pictures. You absolutely would love it! To see the rest of album. Click the link above. 
That's definitely a beautiful single picture of an Angel. 
(Auw, Mini James!!)
I love the yellow-green lighting radiated the boys
One word: CUTE.
How beautiful reflection. Great shot! Clever!
Love love Madine always. More cute picture please!

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