Salt+Light Interview Video

27 May 2011

Host Pedro Guevara Mann sits with three members of the popular British Boys’ Group, Libera, during their first Canadian tour. The internationally acclaimed choir is known for its unique, angelic sound and their many TV appearances and performances in the UK and the US, including their participation at the Papal Mass with Pope Benedict XVI at Yankee Stadium during his visit to the US.

The statement above is from Salt+Light website. I believe everyone here already knew about this interview. But, maybe only few of us have seen it. During Canada Tour Libera has some interviews with radio, television, and many more. One of them is Salt+Light TV. The good thing is finally they uploading a video of the interview. Three of Libera boys were interviewed. They are Liam, Kavana, and Freddie. Ah, that is quite interesting conversation between them. I enjoy it so much.

Oh yeah, FYI, they (S+L) sale the DVD copy of this interview. You can order a DVD for standard price is $22.95 (roughly £14), excluded shipment cost. The DVD contents is exactly the same as on the online video, running time 24'06''. No extra of any kind. If you want to grab one copy, please order it via S+L. Visit their website to get more details. (Thank you fan_de_loK for this information. Very helpful.)

By the way, I've ever posted several pictures from this interview before. You can click here.

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