Why Madine?

22 Aug 2011

MadineLover...it is my address blog and also my username for this blog and another account. You know the reason why I put Madine as my blog's name is because I really adore this boy soooo much from the first time I found Libera about 4 years ago. Why? Why Madine?

Tonight I did not have something to do, so I decided to listen to New Dawn (2008). If we look at back, this was a period when we (or perhaps just me) got addicted to Tom Cully, Josh Madine, you mention it. Okay back to the topic, the music player began to play track #1 Orinoco Flow - ah love this so much. What a catchy song - then track#2 Ave Maria - God, I really miss Tom Cully. Then came to track #3 Secret - Goosebumps. My tears dropped from my eyes. Oh, that voice!! I became very emotional (ugh, weird!). I skipped some songs and jump to track #8. Now, Love and Mercy is playing. Suddenly it brought back memories. I got the same old feeling again. I remember everything. I knew the answer now.

Yeah, I recall the reason why I love and adore this boy. That sweet-dreamy voice, plus the adorable smile on his face is must be the main answer. Josh Madine forever. :)

Josh Madine

Hey, but it doesn't mean if Josh left Libera, I would also stop becoming a Libera fan. A big NO! Whoever the soloist or members, Libera is LIBERA. Nothing will change it. My adoration and devotion for Libera will not change for a bit.

Out of topic, lately I got dreams. Twice, you know. I didn't remember it well, but it was about me attending their concert which they held in my country. Honestly, at that time, I didn't really think about that, but surprisingly it came on my dream. Hahaha. Well, maybe I actually thought about it too much, I just didn't realize it. Well, well, though I hope they will come to my country for real someday, and perhaps Josh will come too. I really hope so. Amen. :)


  1. Lydia Georgina Cecilia GreentreeAugust 28, 2011 2:13 am

    I went to school with him, I say went because he left to start sixth form in a private college on the other side of London.
    He is amazing, and I too had (have) a crush on him. We still talk and meet up occasionally.
    Like you I still hope, I hope that the next kiss I get from him will be real this time and last forever this time.
    Never ever stop dreaming...promise me that?
    Keep dreaming xxx x

  2. Oh hey, really? You're quite lucky. Because you know him in a real life. ;)Oh he's indeed an amazing person.
    Oh yeah, you're right about he's moving to the new school because I just heard it from an article at streatham.co.uk. Ah, he's apparently a smart boy.

    Though I didn't have a crush on him like the way you feel. I loves him because the way he sing and smile. That's all. Oh sure, I will keep dreaming that someday I'll meet him as well another Libera boys :)

    Thank you for stopping by anyway :)

  3. hey lydia, what's he like?