Welcome Dinner

24 Oct 2011

Libera has posted this at their facebook page:  
We have had a marvellous day today. Live TV to 20 million peolpe on ASAP Rocks at lunchtime; SM Mall signing at tea time; cultural exchange at dinner time. Thank you to the many people who purchased our album today - we hope you like it. 

Cultural exchange? Ah, Libera360 can explain us about that. They just made an article entitled Libera Can Dance. Visit here to read the whole article. After the M&G the boys were treated to a dinner and cultural show. They do the Philippines traditional dance called Bamboo dance or the Tinikling. Yes people, our boys can dance, not only sing.

Seems we got 2 new best dancers from Libera. Who are they? Eoghan McCharty and Kavana Crossley. Congratulation, boys! You're multi-talented boys. LOL :D

It's nice to see the boys had so much fun. Enjoy your time in Philippines, guys. I would like to say thank you Philippines for treating them so well. :)

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