Ding Dong Ding Dong!

24 Nov 2011

Libera has released a new video, Carol of the Bells. Hooray! I literally jump and scream. This is one of my favorite songs on their Christmas album's tracklist (which you can buy through here anyway). Oh Libera, thank you for this lovely present, guys.

Okay, we start from who the boys in the video. We have Dylan, Jude, Isaac, Henry, Jakub, Michael, Stefan, Matthew M, Matthew R, Cassius, Eoghan, Ralph, Kavana, Luke, Barney, Sammy, JB, and Daniel. So, there are 18 boys. Seems most of the eldest are missing; like Josh (sad face!), Ben, Liam, Alex, Sam, Tiarnan, and Jakob. Is it the time? *sigh* I also can't find Matthew J, Carlos, Freddie, and Mini James. Some of newbies are missing in this video too like Thomas, Ciaran, Nano Ben, and Orlando. Well, maybe they were just not able to participate into this video. School stuff, maybe?

Back to the video, it is quite simple yet beautiful. They set it in a park or woods(?) with full of fall leaves on the ground. The boys were their sacred robes. They are SHINING, just like the real angels. Oh yeah, I also love the colors and the atmosphere of this video. Very pretty and warm!

Instead of typically cold-weather on Christmas, I feel so warm when watching this video (like I said above). Okay, we don’t have snow here but as far I remember it usually rains on Christmas day. So, we got the cold-Christmas day too. 

My favorite scene is GLORIA part. Why? Because when they sing that part, the sun burst out behind the boys. It makes an amazing effect on the boys and their white-robes. Aaahh..heavenly. Do you feel that way too? Oh yeah, did you notice something else in that part? Try to look the boys in the back (Ralph cs and JB cs). It looks like they're FLYING. Sooo angelic. 

Is it just me? I think there is one less thing I feel a bit wrong in this video. The boys didn't SMILE a lot in this video. I know they usually have the serious faces while they sing. I know that. But, I always think that that song is supposed to be a cheerful and jolly song, so the brightest smile of them is needed to make this video happier and merrier. Wait, I am not finish yet. Still, it has a cute ending. Cassius' innocent look plus his tiny smile makes everything perfect.

I thanked Libera for making a new Christmas video. I enjoy it so much as well all of fans, I believe. Hopefully more videos will come soon with more boys. Can't wait for that! Oh yeah, I really am expecting a video for Coventry Carol, White Christmas, and Still Still Still. Anyway, good luck for your London concert tomorrow, boys! :)

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