When I Get Bored

29 Jan 2012

Hi, guys! OMJ! Long time no see. Hmmm...there is nothing new from Libera recently and lack of ideas/inspiration from my side. So, for now I want to share something to you guys. You know sometimes when I get bored, I usually made something relate to Libera. Not always, but sometimes. I made or designed them by myself. I know it's not sooo good, but since there is nothing I have to write on this blog. So, this is it. 

A photoshoped Josh along with my favorite line "OH MY JOSH!"

First picture is a picture of Josh from 2010. It is taken by a fan in Philippines. Sorry I forgot where the original picture came from. Credit goes to the owner. In the first place, I have a purpose to edit this photo. I want to print out it on t-shirt or canvas bag. Unfortunately, it never came true. But, oneday I will do it in the near future. This picture now is hanged on the wall in my bedroom.

A figurine of Josh (again!) 

This figurine has a very sad story. It was supposed to be given to Josh as a birthday gift when Libera came to Philippines in October 2011. I sent it from Indonesia, but it arrived one day late. You can get the whole story here. I can't tell you by myself, it's just too painful. lol. I'm serious.

 An animated of Libera boy

The last picture is originally came from my design of the figurine above. But, several days ago I'm so bored then I brushed it on photoshop. And tadda...It is cute, isn't it? Please, just say 'yes'. lol


  1. Wow! This is very cool!
    And yes, it's cute (:

  2. Hey Mickey, thank you very much for your kind comment. You're the best :DD