Valentine's Message Video

14 Feb 2012

Oh Josh..this is the sweetest thing EVER. What a lovely message. Although it addresses to Japan fans, but it can be made for all of us in general. I'm really happy to see more boys in this video, but I feel a little bit sad because I can't see any older boys in it, like Josh. Well that's okay, though. Anyway, I think I can see four newbies here. I don't know yet who is who, but I'm quite sure that they are 'new'. The first new boy is the black hair kid behind Jude at 00:09 and he appeared again at 00:11. The second one is the chubby boy behind Jakub at 00:17, the third one is the boy next to the second one, you can hardly see him at 00:18. This boy looks like Daniel, especially his smile. The last one is the boy between Eoghan and Matthew J, you can see him at 00:18 and 00:31. Can anyone here tell me their names? Help me, please! :)

Oh oh can you guess who sang the 'backsong' at 00:23-00:31? Yeah, that's exactly right when Eoghan made his V's wishing. ;) favorite part of the video goes to Henry's. After saying Happy Valentine's, it looks like he want to play something with the piano. Actually I was waiting when he was about playing it. BUT, he just ended it with playing nothing and just saying 'I don't know Valentine's songs. I'm sorry'. Funny! :) I wonder when they took the video. I found it that the boys were quite noisy: singing, chatting, etc. Hahaha. That's really fine to me. Ehmm..thanks boys for this cute video! I love it. Wish you a very merry Valentine's day too, boys. :)

Anyway, for those who don't know about their coming to Singapore and Japan for Spring Tour 2012, see the information here or you can go straight to their website. Okay, I will end my quick blogging with "Happy Valentine's Day, everyone".


  1. You're absolutely right! We miss all those elderly boys... but did they really leave libera?? :(

  2. I'm not sure, well we'll see who will be appearing in Spring Tour. Don't be sad! :)