New Header + New Video

14 Oct 2012

Eternal Light video - Libera (Solos: Stefan Leadbeater and Ralph Skan)

Finally, I found new perfect picture for my header. Isn't it pretty? Well, of course it's not new to you guys. Since you may seen it before from Libera's video of Eternal Light (the version of Japanese Christmas Album). Along this post, I want to share another version of Eternal Light music video. Yes, that's right. You know, the picture above is came from this new-yet-old video. How funny that it has been posted for long time, even before Libera posted the official one, but we just discovered it yesterday. Thanks to Kazuyo for posting it on twitter. I think I like this version better. There's so many beautiful scenes. So, what do you think about it? :D


  1. I prefer this version. And again, so summer and green! Excellent in this rainy autumn.
    And I really like the new header. So mysterious.

  2. Agree! It is so beautiful. Why did they keep it for this long? Anyway, thank you! :D

  3. i really like it and in my opinion it really is better than the official one!! btw your blog is amazing!! :-)

  4. Hello there!
    Yes, same here. I really like this one. Wonder why didn't Libera publish/choose it as the official one? Ha.
    Why, thank you so much! :)