Happy Birthday My Favourite Boy!

26 Oct 2012

Happy birthday Josh Madine

How time has passed by without you realize it. Look at how young you are in those pictures, in your first years with Libera (he was first spotted in Korea, 2005). And then 7 years later, you're still the same lovely person with that charming smile. What better is you are still dedicating yourself to sing in Libera until now, capturing many hearts with your sweet touchy voice (latest appearance in Channel Is, 2012). You've done a very great job so far.

HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY, YOUNG MAN. I wish you all the luck and all the best thing in this world. For me, you will always be my favourite Libera boy. Thank you for being there all this time. Thank you for sharing your talent, your charming personality, and your witty, cheeky 'Moosey' side. Thank you for adding some sweetness into my life. Thank you for everything. I love you, Josh. Hope you have a blessed day with family and friends.

ps: Pictures are taken from "Libera In Japan 2005 - 2007" by Katsuo Sakayori.

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