Korea 2013 Poster

2 Feb 2013

Libera Korea 2013 poster
Hello, guys. Long time no blog. Happy, happy February everybody! Wow, it's February now. That means only 2 months away till Libera's Spring Tour 2013 begins. Yay! Who's going to their concerts in Asia or UK? Or both? Raise your hand...or just simply leave comments below, please.

Anyway, the poster above is for Libera concerts in Korea. Lovely purple colours! (And it matches the colours of my blog, too. Teehee!) How I love they added some little wings on it. Makes it more angelic. Thanks Enyu for sharing. You can find the details of the tour by clicking on Libera Spring Tour 2013.

I also found this picture below from Enyu's blog. At first I thought it was from Seoul Arts Management - the Korean organizer. But, apparently it is posted on Sejong PAC's website which you can look at it here. It looks like flyer or something like that. And it looks real nice. Purple...tiny wings...cute! I was wondering if the listed songs on that Program box actually will be on the Spring set list. Hmmm...
Libera in Korea

On the picture, they also put the information about ticket prices for both venues. The tickets will be available for purchase on 14 February at 2 PM. For more details click here.
St. John's Catholic Church 
All seats KRW 50000
Sejong PAC
R KRW 99000; S KRW 77000; A KRW 55000; B KRW 33000


  1. still hoping they come to the Philippines. think positive~ think positive~ think positiveeeee~

  2. Keep thinking positive. They always come to Philippines. I think your turn will come in no time. I have no idea when it is. But, fingers crossed! :D

  3. you know, for some reason Eoghan kind of reminds me of Cameron Frye from Ferris Bueller's Day Off. :)

  4. Hi! Uhh, I had to google that first. Lol. But, yeah, agreed. He kinda looks like him. Though, our Eoghan is way cuter. ;)