Guildford Official Pictures

24 Jul 2013

After weeks of silence, finally we got some words from Libera. Yay! Firstly, they posted a couple of pictures from their recent concert in Guildford. And I, as usual, can't resist to upload some into this blog since there are so many beautiful pictures of the boys. Go to Libera's gallery to see all the pictures.
Love them all. But look at Michael. He looks happy, enjoying what he's doing. His eyes say it all.
 O-M-G...Super cute newbies!
Just a bunch of white-robed boys in blue light. ;)
 Is this heaven?
Love the ambiance that created in this picture. Angelic!
The moment I laid my eyes on it, I knew it would make a perfect header for this blog. See?

Secondly, Libera also announced their Autumn Tour which will be held in the Philippines. No detail yet. Will write about it in the separate post once we get the complete information. Anyway, congratulations Filipino fans you'll get to see Libera this year!

On the other note, since there's no Summer tour I'm still hoping that they're working on another stuff like new album maybe? I think this is the right time, you know. Still crossing my fingers here.

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