Pictures From Armagh Concert

11 Aug 2013

First of all, take a deep breath and relax. Because...Armagh Parish has posted some beautiful, christmassy pictures from last's night concert on their Facebook page. Aaaargghh...this is such a (sweet) torture! But, thank you thank you! :)

Errr...Still Still Still?
Somebody's got his hair fixed. Hehe.
Was it for Voca Me? Because I can't see any Christmas trees here.
Camera rolling...action!
Some of musicians.

Seriously this cheeky little teaser makes me excited even more. From the reviews and also these pictures, I know this would make a brilliant DVD of a live concert. God, now I can hardly wait to get it! :D You can see the rest of the photo album on Armagh Parish's Facebook page. Thank you Patrick for sharing this info!

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