There are thousand reasons to be in love with Libera. And Josh Madine is one of the many reasons. I love Libera before knowing Josh. I love Libera even more after knowing him. Not only for Libera, I also have a thousand reasons to love Josh. Here are some of them. 
  • Sweet, dreamy voice. I never thought before that human voice could keep me captivated in the way Josh's voice (and Libera's) did to me. Surreal. Sweet. Serene. Touching the deepest bottom of your heart. Healing your broken soul. Making you feel good about everything. His voice does wonder. To me, it's the most breathtaking voice I've ever heard in this planet. 
  • The ability of transfering emotion. This is not an easy job. Not every singer can bring the emotion and message of the song straight to the heart. But, Josh can! He can make you happy. He can make you cry. He can make you smile. He can make you goosebumps. And he makes it so easily. It's in his nature.
  • Radiant smile. Like the sun that shines the world, he's got a smile that can light up your heart. And the moment when he smiles while singing, it seems like the world has become a better place, full of happiness, hope and love. Oh the power of radiant smile.
  • Charming personality. Smart, talented, sweet, funny, cheeky. Everything is in him. Almost perfect. He's the whole package. Enough said.
  • Faithful heart. He is one of the most loyal Libera boys. He started to appear in public at the age of 11 in 2005, and ended his duty as a white-robed boy in 2012 when he was 18 years old. That makes him the oldest active Libera boy ever. Yet after hanging up his robe, he is still dedicating his time and talent with Libera until now. He has a faithful heart. I wonder that is why he's given the solo part on Faithful Heart.
That's only a few reasons I wanted to highlight from a thousand. The list can go on and on. Maybe you can add some yourself. :) 

As you know, Josh is no longer singing as a Libera boy, but he's still a part of Libera. He is now starting a new role as Libera staff and musician. And then it hit me, my dream to hear him sing live as a Libera boy is now only just a dream. Oh well. 

I still have another dream - prefer to call it a mission - that I haven't reached yet: To thank him personally. Thanking him for 7 years of dedication in the sacred white robe. For sharing his beautiful voice, smiling face, happy heart. For making my life to be more colourful. For finding more reason to love Libera. For being a part of my life. 

I truly hope it won't be another mission impossible. 
However, just in case....

Hello Josh! If you ever read this....This is Yuni. You have no idea how many good things you've brought to my life. And I thank you very much for that. Please accept this virtual gratitude. I love you. Thank you for being you. I hope you will stay longer with Libera, so I can meet you and say this to you personally, and get this mission accomplished. Someday, somewhere. :)

"Someday we'll all be gone, But lullabyes go on and on, They never die, That's how you and I will be..." - Josh (Lullabye)