My Top Chart Song From Peace - Part 1

2 Nov 2010

This album was released on 8th March 2010, or more than 7 months ago. Maybe it is too late for making a review about this album, while another edition will be out soon (FYI, Japan and some countries was releasing this album 1st November, UK it will be 22nd November, and in the USA it will be 7th December), or maybe not too late? Besides, it is just two months since I created my blog. 

Well, this album contains 14 songs. Most of them are new, only 4 tracks are re-make songs. As usual, Libera songs are really beautiful. Yes, Mr. Prizeman is indeed a really good musician. Mastermind of masterpiece. Do you agree with me? He knows how to create a set of simple tones into a stunning composition that we enjoy all the time. Two thumbs up for him, and absolutely for the boys, too. 

Okay, from all of these stunning tracks, I will make a list or chart, or whatever you call. It depends on my own sense of music (Sense? What is it exactly? Haha), perhaps it’s different with yours. But let's face it, everybody has a different opinion and taste, right? 

And here they are: 

This song has surprised me. It hit me with a big shocking sensation when I heard it for the first time. Not only because Josh sings it (love his lower voice!), but also Mini Ben's singing with that crazy high voice that makes me crazy. What a voice! So great and powerful. Without him, this song wouldn’t be as perfect as just now. He gives a strong power into the song, making it so special. Therefore, I give the highest place of my list to this song. Well done, boys.
It is another masterpiece of Prizeman, completed by two major solos, Stefan Leadbeater who has a really big talent and James Threadgill, Sammy Moriarty and Josh Madine as I-don’t-know-what-its-called. This Deep Peace version is sooooo lovely than the old version. I really like it. I can feel peace and calm when I listen to that song. An absolutely recommended song for anyone who need to soothe and relax their poor souls. A very beautiful music indeed. 
Once again Mini Ben has shocked me. GOD, he has a WOW voice (OK, that’s weird. I mean, seriously? WOW voice? Haha). I  will never ever could sing as Ben did. It’s very difficult, you know. There is too much staccato (if I don't make a mistake). You need more practices to become well. Oh yeah, I almost forgot that he is one of Libera boys, and of course they really know how to singing beautifully. In addition, this is an up-beat song. It can pump my spirit up to be more alive. Every time I play it, I just want to tap-dance. Hahaha.
“To cry for all, to wash all sorrow in waves of peace and love. Free my thirsty soul again, oh living fountain”. That’s my favorite part in this song. It just describes my feeling why I need Libera in my life. They are like food for my soul. I love...ah really love it. Ralph bings it with such a gentle and strong voice at the same time perfectly. Breathtaking.
I understand why Libera has huge fans from Philippines. They have stolen Philippines people through this Filipino national song. They sing this song in Tagalog which I believe the boys don't know what every word means precisely, but they are able to bring it with such a great feeling that touched Philippines' hearts. I really understand it. Even I'm not a Filipino and don't understand Tagalog but I also can feel the soul of Bayan Ko because they sing it from the heart. 

That is my top five. I still have 6-14 position. So, I will post it soon. Wait for them. 

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