My Top Chart Song From Peace - Part 2

23 Nov 2010

I know it took so long for you guys waiting for this post. I am really really sorry. I had many things to do several days ago. But, now I am ready to present you my Chart of Peace-Libera Part 2, and here you go:

Once again and again, I was so stunned because of Ben. He is really getting better. Much, much better. You rock, Mini Ben. What a voice! *sigh* Besides, this song is indeed truly beautiful, blowmindly, heavenly, such angelic things. I feel like in heaven: peace and calm. It brought me to highly soothing feel, forget my business in this messy world for a while. The right choice for making this as the first single from this album. GREAT!

This is the sweetest song I’ve ever heard. I love Mini James' voice here. Cute, sweet, soooo childish in a good way. One of my favorite lullabies. Simple and easy listening, but very meaningful. It reminds me to a situation that we must face for getting our dreams. Some people say, "Hang on your dreams as high as the sky". You know, when we want to reach out our dreams we, must do some effort to get it. You want to touch the sky? So go to a high place and climb it, and you'll get the sky. It is the same thing that you do if you want to make your dream comes true. Do you agree? Back to the song, it is absolutely a lovely song. 

I believe in angels. I believe in miracles. I believe that Libera is a gift from God for me to make me admire His Majesty. Through this song my love for GOD, our Almighty has increased more and more. No need to doubt about Stefan's voice. He's so talented. His bright voice always amazed me in all of his solos, especially this song. The harmony is good, beautiful as always. The lyrics are so touching. I know Libera has done a GREAT work (as always!). That's the important point why we're so in love with them. 

Can you feel the warm feeling when you listen to this song? Me? Yes, a thousand times YES. I'll listen to it when I'm down and need a guide. I can feel the presence of the bright, shining light that lead me to the right way. Everytime I play it, a sunshine of my soul rises from the darkness side of me. I really like the chorus part. When they sing together, they are sounded so great and perfect. It doesn't mean that I didn't like the solo part. NO, of course not. I absolutely love it. Jakob was doing a GOOD job. But, I love the chorus more cause it does always burn and raise my spirit up. 

I always love Panis Angelicus since a long time ago. But, I prefer to listen to this version from Libera. More churchy, heavenly, angelic, and of course because it's Libera singing.

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