London Concert

20 Nov 2010

I got the review of St George Concert from our friends in the French forum. Many many thanks to the fans who wrote them.


The concert they were 31 on stage, like many small Arundel have joined the main group. They remained on the scene and went back on some songs.

Very successful concert. :) Maybe not a sound quality and perfect as intense as Chester but very successful, beautiful solos Ralph, Stephan, Daniel. Gorgeous lighting on the white stones of the cathedrals. Room very busy, way down, and even on the lateral sides, beyond the pillars. Influx calculated: between 600 and 700.

Many families present. :)

Broadly similar sequence of songs in Bristol and Chester, except that the recall was a part of Exultate, instead of Libera. No photo opportunity at the end ... Perhaps due to the late hour (beginning with 15-20 minutes late, and very long intermission

The new name tonight (some of whom were already in Arundel):
- Ciarnan Bradbury-Hickey
- Jude Collins (Little brother Luke)
- Little-Thomas Delgado
- Ben Fairman
- Luis Fernandes
- Matthew Madine " (OH MY JOSH!!!!!!! You see that name, you see that name? Finally after keeping himself for a while, our little Madine has appeared again. Excited! Love you, Matt.


You feel unsatisfied with this information?? Please go on Libera Passion and check out more updates about what's happened on the concert. Hmmm, thank God, Libera has such BIG fans just like our lovely French friends who always attend their concert, especially in Europe. So, we could got this info, even though we're not there. Ouw, I wish I was one of them. Here are some pictures of the concert. It credits to Yuki Kizawa.

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