All I Want For Christmas Is...

2 Dec 2010

23 days to go to Christmas (for Indonesia)! OMG, I love CHRISTMAS: Christmas tree, the atmosphere, the moment of gathering, Christmas carols, the spirit, the lights, Santa Claus, everything is WONDERFUL. Every year, I make wishes for my Christmas. And here is my wish list for this year:
1. SNOW 

I'm dreaming of a White Christmas, just like the ones I NEVER know. 

White is in every where, it'll be definitely BEAUTIFUL I think. It will be even more beautiful with the colorful lights, the red-green ornaments, plus an echoing of Christmas Carol from faraway. OMG, OMG, can you imagine that? FYI, I live in Indonesia that never had snow. Ever. EXCEPT, climate change makes the North Pole moving to Indonesia. LOL. 

Okay, maybe some of you think that SNOW is COLD, and it's not a COOL thing. But, don't you ever think that from the coldness of snow, we could know how warm of CHRISTMAS SPIRIT is. Besides, white color of snow represents you the innocence of Jesus Christ's heart who came to the world for purifying us from sins. 


I miss my beloved family so much much. Never been home for 3 years. My 3 Christmases have passed without family. Feel like a HOMELESS. Oh, poor me. But, I know they have the same feeling like me over here. 


Yeah, as you know (or don't), I already have ordered one copy of this album from I have kept some money to buy it. But, until now I do not receive it yet. Even not an email notification too. Desperate.
What the hell is going on? I hope it will be arriving before Christmas. Dying for this SPECIAL item. 


It's a BIG one. That's so cool if I got Libera for a Christmas present. Crazy, but I know everyone will be EXCITING for it. Right? At least, on Christmas Day I could meet them, it would be GREAT if I had a chance to attend a Christmas Service that Libera sing as the choir. What a PERFECT gift. I don't want anything else. ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS LIBERA. Only Libera. 

May it comes true (AMEN!). I know maybe not today. But someday it will. I believe it. I will be waiting these  for 1 year? 2 years? EVERMORE. What about you, guys? What's on your wish list? 

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