Kaleidoscope of Libera in 2010

4 Dec 2010

Let's look back at Libera's journey in 2010.

...1 January
Getting 9000 fans on Facebook Page 

...13 January
New Dawn has entered the Philippines pop chart at number 3 - ahead of Lady Gaga and Susan Boyle. This is their album from 2008, with the addition of a bonus track: Bayan Ko.

...24 January
Releasing Time's music video, soloist: Joshua Madine and Ben Philipp

...8 March
Releasing a new album called Peace

...9 March
Releasing a music video of Deep Peace

...8 - 16 April
Spring Tour in Asia (Japan, Korea, and Philippines)

...18 - 21 April
Getting stranded due to volcanic eruption. But, having a great adventure during their way home.

...15 May
Arundel Concert

...31 May
Publishing Liblog, the official Libera blog 

...1 - 10 August
Summer Tour in USA (Dallas, Fort Worth, St Louis, Nashville and Atlanta)

...3 September
Getting 18000 likes Libera on Facebook

...17 October
Releasing a music video of Lullabye, soloist: Joshua Madine

...27, 29 October
UK tour: Clifton n Chester

...19, 20 November
UK tour: St George n Beverley

...21 November
Performing Eternal Light on SoP

...23 November
Releasing Peace Deluxe Edition in UK

...26 November
Having an interview on Classic FM Radio

...20 December
Having an interview on BBC Breakfast

...22 December
Performing live on ITV This Morning, having an interview on Inspirational Breakfast Radio

...25 December
Reaching 25000 fans on Official Libera Facebook

What a journey! :) Looking forward to another adventure in 2011.


  1. Another great post. Libera really had a great, busy year! Thanks for putting it together. Keep it up ;)