Libera on BBC Breakfast Show

21 Dec 2010

REPOST [This made by Phil from Crystal Palace. Thanks to him. Uhh..I hope they (Libera) will post it on Youtube]:

Wow, wow, wow and wow!! What a lovely surprise I had this morning while I enjoyed my toast and coffee for breakfast. Who should appear on the BBC national breakfast show but a group of lads from….you got it…. Libera! From what I can remember the group included Freddie, Kavana, James, Ralph and Stefan along with 2 or 3 other boys. The group leader was a 16 year old with a luxuriant head of hair by the name of Josh! What a deep voice he has now!! 

In between some general chat with the boys, talking about who they had sung for and with, they showed a clip from "Deep Peace" with Stefan singing the solo. I assume that is from the new DVD. A little bit later, after discussing their popularity in Japan etc. there was another clip, from some time back, with the guys dressed in what looked like tracksuits, and they were singing "Libera". A quite young Tom Cully was the soloist for this piece. 

Finally, live, countrywide, and unaccompanied they sang a verse of "In the bleak.." with one of the boys doing a solo part. Unfortunately, I don't know his name. Josh used a mouth organ to give the pitch. The BBC breakfast show has an average audience of 2 – 3 million so there was a lot of pressure on the guys. The acoustics in these studios is deliberately quite "dead", and, because they did not have their individual microphones the finished product was not as "polished" as usual. Sung to the traditional melody (as on Angel Voices 3) it was, however, a beautiful and touching rendition of what has been voted as the "Best Christmas Carol" in the UK.

Despite unusually heavy snow around the country, and in particular here in South London, it was obvious that boys, parents and leaders alike have all struggled against the elements to rehearse and deliver a heart warming introduction to the Festive season. Well done to them all, and I hope they enjoy a very Happy Christmas!

Phil from Crystal Palace, London 


Yup, and it's already put on Youtube. Yey, that's GREAT. Josh's hair is so longer than before. LOL.

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