My Peace Deluxe Edition

21 Dec 2010

OMJSH!!!! Just arived at 4.08 pm (Indonesia). I never imagined before that I would have it before Christmas. This is a really WONDERFUL Christmas gift EVER. After I couldn't get my Peace Deluxe Edition from because 1. Amazon USA has been delayed it so I cancelled my order, and 2. Amazon UK doesn't serve the shipping for my country. I've been so hopeless several time ago. I didn't know how and where I could buy it.

But thank GOD, He gave me another way. I think a kindly light was guiding me to brought me in a chat with one of my friends from Libera fans 2 or 3 days ago. That night he told me that he just got his Peace Deluxe Edition; in short he offered to help me yeah you know, to buy it for me. But, he was not sure he could get it, because there were only 2 copies in there (and one copy bought by him). Lucky me! Can't believe it, finally he managed to buy one for me. OH....I am SUPER DUPER HAPPY!!!!!!!!! So many many many thanks to Carlo Ventresca who helped me to get this album. SUPERB!!! The Package of the CD is BEAUTIFUL!! 

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