Why Do People Love Libera?

4 Jan 2011

Why do I love Libera? Well, absolutely because they’re incredibly amazing! I find peace through their beautiful music. I find joy through their angelic faces. I find LOVE from anything related to Libera.

So, what about people in the other side of the world?

A few weeks ago I made a little research to find the answer. I threw a question to some Libera fans from different countries. I asked them the same question:

Why do you love Libera?

Megumi Fukushima (A fan from Japan)

Eric Paulin (A fan from Philippines)

Jenna Elizabeth Decker (A fan from USA)

Charmaine Giam Jie Wen (A fan from Malaysia)

Carlo Ventresca (A fan from Indonesia)

David Mark Evans (A fan from UK)

Miguel Angel Lucero (A fan from Mexico)

Lilly Tran Vo (A fan from Vietnam)

Jakob Libera (A fan from UK)

See, it's like the whole world just agreed with me. This proved that Libera is loveable indeed. I mean, like gravity, they got something that attracts people to them. Celestial music, breathtaking voices, beautiful harmonies, adorable angelic faces, charming personalities. All in one. And it's just impossible not to fall in love with them. Their music.

So how about you, guys? Why do you love Libera?

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