Hot News

6 Feb 2011


It's Aled talks about Libera on his radio. You hear that guys? Libera plan something for us. Wow! there will be new boys, new tour (I hope they'll be including Indonesia), new album (sounds good!), and new songs (ah, interesting). This is so AWESOME! There are so many NEW things  for 2011. Is there something better than this? Be ready, Libera fans!! OH MY JOSH, I am so excited now.
Thanks for Jimmy Riddle from Libera Dreams Forum and Lexi who shared this news.


  1. Wow this is GREAT news! I can't wait till their new album comes out! xD
    I hope that they will release a new concert DVD - they haven't done that since 2007 :O
    I just love that Libera keeps being active and making new songs ^^

  2. Yeah..this is GREAT news indeed. That was really made my day. I just can't wait for the NEW things come. Whatever it is. I just missed them. :(
    Yeah, I hope they will be releasing live concert dvd just like they did for Leiden concert. Now, what should we do now: hope, wait, and see.

    Anyway, thank for stopping. :)