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11 Feb 2011

Though there is no confirmation yet from Libera. But I just got this information from Libera Dreams Forum. And this is a GOOD one that will bring fresh air for us (fans!). According to information from YukiBOL who posted this info on her twitter, Toshiba EMI Japan will release a Mini Album of Libera. No more detail about this album yet, such as the song etc. But, it will be out soon on 13th April 2011.

I guess, maybe there is no new song (maaaybee) for this album, since they've ever released an album like this before in Japan. See here for the old album I mean, this is a kinda compilation album (of the tracks from Vision and Free). But, who knows, we never knew until this new album coming out. Maybe it will be the same (sorta compilation) for it, or maybe not. Now just hoping for the best. Then wait and see.

For the complete detail please click here.

Based on the information I got from my twitter friend who managed a nice blog called Hagy's happy life, she said this album PERHAPS made for soundtrack of  Japanese drama in NHK (a broadcasting company). Anyway Hagy mailed me and said,

"Hello. I am hagy. It is LIBERA FAN that lives in Japan .
Let's do happily.
Though there is no certain notification ・・・ still
MiniAlbum is put on the market from EMI on April 13. It is 2000 yen.
The content is not understood at all.
However  Takatsugu Muramatsu  who composes "Far away" “You were there” puts soundtrack CD on the market. on the same day.
A certain CD shop is describing the name of LIBERA clearly in the explanation column of the sound track CD.
Therefore, I am guessing that LIBERA also participates in the sound track CD perhaps.
I am pleased to forecast that the collaboration of LIBERA might have been achieved again with Mr. Muramatsu.
The sound track is music of drama "Madonna Verde".
"Madonna Verde" is a drama that starts at 22 o'clock of NHK (broadcasting station in Japan ) April 12.
The content of the story of "Madonna Verde" is surrogate mother's story. It is a story that the mother gives birth to daughter and her husband's child instead of the daughter who cannot give birth due to sickness.
I do not understand an accurate thing because it is not notified from official.
Moreover, I E-mail to you as soon as details are understood.
From Hagy"

Well, Takatsugu Muramatsu is the one who collaborated with Libera several times and composed the song which Libera sung for Japanese movie and TV drama series. They are Far Away and You Were There. FYI, each songs included to two different album called Welcome to Libera's World and Prayer that only available in Japan. It is impossible that that might be true. But, it's just a prediction from her side. As I said above, there is no confirmation from official side (Libera and EMI Classic). So, now we just need to wait patiently and see what will happen later. Time will answer all of this. Though I still hope there will be an announcement about it from Libera as soon as possible. Just too excited with the NEW things now. LOL.

Watch the official video here:
Song of Life-Official Video

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