Signature Style

14 Feb 2011

Everybody has their own signature style. The same with Libera. They have some clothes that make us instantly recognize them when we see them. All the time being their fans, I noticed that every cloth has different function depend on the occasion. Let's see them. (I'm terribly sorry for poor editing. Newbie in photoshop thingy. LOL) 


The robe is sooo Libera. Once we saw boys who dressed in these white robes, immediately we know that's Libera boys. It is really completely stick to their image. These robes more increases picture of an angel in the boys. Libera's robes are different with robes of another choirs.

I think their robes are cool and not 'torture' them much. A special thing of this robe is it can reflect the light so perfect and fantastic, for example like this one or maybe this. Beautiful, isn't it? The boys can be seen wearing this robes in the concert, several music video, tv appearance, sometimes in meet & greet after concert.

Besides the white ones, Libera also has the black robes which they wear in beneath the white ones. They only wear them in the concert. Click here to see them.

Light Blue Shirt

This one often seen when they hold meet and greet, or press conference, walking around and when they arrived at the city they came, (ex: at airport, station, hotel, etc). They wear it with black or gray pants and black shoes. The boys wear them for formal occasion. Sometimes they put the dark blue jacket over the shirt. (This jacket also is worn by them at the moment just before the concert begins. It's for keeping their voices stay well. See here).


Black and/or white hoodie is another uniform they have. Usually combined with black pants and sneaker or canvas shoes. They've ever wore the white ones with white pants which seen on the album 'Angel Voices'.
This style is for music/promotion video, photoshoot, TV appearance, and casual event especially in the cold weather. In addition, they also have the gray hoodie which used in several occasions.

Capuchon Tee

The last one is a kind of tee with capuchon. This usually appear in casual look and in hot day (when the boys in the USA and Philippines). They wear it together with gray shorts and canvas shoes or sandals. The clothes make them to move freely while they playing together. They sometimes seem to replace the shorts with the black slacks, as can be seen here and here.


  1. wowee!! thx for posting this, yuni. that way we will know their signature clothings. the robes also can be for photoshoots too, like the peace and new dawn photoshoot.

  2. Yeah, you're absolutely right about that. But, I forgot to add that to this post. Hahaha. Thanks for reminding me. :)