Mini Album Is Confirmed

20 Feb 2011

Well, I got the news from my friend, Hagy. Many thanks to her. So, in my previous post I've told you about Mini Album by Libera for soundtrack of Japanese drama series. And now you can check the detail at Tower Japan. This album will package in CD format. It consist of Libera old songs. Here are the track list: 

- Song of Life (Theme song of NHK drama "Madonna Verde" - Takatsugu Muramatsu)
- Far Away (Theme song of NHK drama "Hyouheki (Ice Wall)" - Takatsugu Muramatsu)
- You Were There (Theme song of movie "No One Defends" - Takatsugu Muramatsu)
- Salva Me (Theme song of NHK drama "Storm One Day")

- Sanctus
- Eternal Light (Theme song of Otsuka Pharmaceutical Shanghai Expo - Akira Senjyu)
- I Am the Day (Ending song of NTV "person who wanting encounters it most in space")
- Deep Peace

I wonder about the theme song of Madonna Verde. Is it possible for a new song? I hope it's true. That will be so wonderful. Everybody waits for something new from Libera. We'll see. 

Just check out my inbox and BOOM. I have a good news (again) from Hagy. Well, she's very kind. She help me for an update about this Mini Album project. Thanks Hagy. You're rock!

So, EMI Music Japan (see here) was announced that they will release Mini Album of Libera called Miracle of Life. And the good news is the theme song for Madonna Verde is a new song will be singing by Libera. It's called Song of  Life (original title) or translated from Japanese Miracle of Life. This song is composed by Takatsugu Muramatsu and the lyrics are wrote by Libera aka Mr.Prizeman.

You can hear the sample here. Click number 11th  for listening to the song (It is possibly different from the new song). According to EMI, this is comment from Mr.Prizeman, Ralph will take the solo part and Mini James will accompany him in the mini chorus. Hmmm...interesting!
Yes, yes, yes! What a WONDERFUL life. Finally, the NEW things is coming out. Can't wait for that. Now, we should stay calm and wait for complete details. I believe it will be out soon.
OH MY JOSH! But I wonder, is there opportunity for a new music video?

This is a quote from an article about Libera's mini album. The original article is in Japanese, but it translated by Inna. Credit to her. 
"Around the show's premiere, Libera seems to be scheduling a promotional visit to Japan. Among about 40 members, the total of 6-7 selected members will perform their angelic voices in Japan."
For complete details you can go here for the original one in Japanese and here for Inna's post in English at her blog, Beautiful Stranger. 

Well, well, well, this is something that I (and you too) always wait all the time. Hmmm, I really hope for a new music video.

EDIT: It has been delayed until after April due to some issues. Well, let's hope it will be out soon. Read here to find out more.

Cover for Digital album
Cover for CD album

Watch the official video here:
Song of Life-Official Video

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