Song of Life-Official Music Video

2 May 2011

Wow, guys, Libera and EMI Japan just uploaded their latest music video for Song of Life. Okay, although it is not full version. Oh still, I'm very very happy. Because I have been waiting for it all the time. I knew it that they would make a video for this song, just like the other songs for Japanese movie or TV drama. YAY! Auuuw, thank you, Libera. Thank you so much. I can't wait for the full version.

I wonder why they only posted half the video. Hmmm, I smell something here. It is just my opinion, but I think probably there will be a new album? OK, OK, calm down! Just a thought. I do not know anything. But, I hope so. If there will be new album, for sure they will make another tour for promotional. Okay, I am too EXCITED right now! (lol). It is JUST pure my thought. As usual, we'll wait and see. Right, guys?

Here is this for you, guys.

The video has taste of Deep Peace and Time video. Hmmm, you know, the boys in white (for this time it's not robes, but the hoodies. Love it.), the nature background. But, definitely BEAUTIFUL as usual. You can feel a strong energy from combination of the song and the video. What a lovely combination. It will make your day beautiful as well as the song.

I think, sunrise in the morning describes the beginning of new hope. It fits perfectly to the lyrics. "There's a whisper in the dark, As a new life comes to be". If this is referred to Japan, ahh everything is perfect. After earthquake that caused damage, they need to build a hope. New hope for stand up and wake up from the nightmare. I hope it will entertain everybody in Japan. Not only for Japan, but also everyone who needs encouragement to make a better life.

At 0:32 Mini James accompanies Ralph in the mini chorus. I told you before, Ralph's voice is absolutely beautiful. But, James's voice is also sweet and innocent. Plus, his cute and adorable face. Hahaha. :D

Then all the boys joining in the chorus. Frankly, I don't really like the formation. Because you can't see the entire boys, especially the boys at the back line. But, I love to see Dylan, Jude, Eoghan, and Barney in this video. I wonder, when did Libera make the video? I guess maybe around Epsom concert until Canada tour. Consider to the present of newbies and the hair-cut of Libera boys.

Okay, I looove this part. We can see a close up of Mini Ben's face. Oh, Mini Ben, you never fails to make me SMILE. Your big-warm smile, OMG! I love it. Why, you grew up so fast. I still love you, (Mini) Ben.

But, the HAPPIEST thing EVER is Josh. Josh was there. Hooray! JOSH WAS THERE! It makes me CRAZY and HAPPY. Oh My Josh, I spotted him twice. No, three times actually, at 1:06, 1:50, and 1:52. But, the second one is blur. Oh, poor. I don't care. The important thing  is Josh was there. YAYYYY!!!!!!!!  It made my day. I can sleep peacefully now, I think I will have a sweet dream tonight. Seems Josh cuts his hair. It is a bit shorter than the last time I saw him. Well, I hope Libera will release the full version as soon as possible. Can't wait.

At 1:06 you can see Josh at the left side
 At 1:52 it's better. You can see him clearly. Love you, Josh. I missed you like crazy.

Watch the full video here:
Full Video: Song of Life


  1. I love reading your blog .. always with such enthusiasm you write .. and just the mood rises
    (Mini) Ben every year more beautiful and more beautiful ♥
    And I am very glad that Josh is back again .. I thought .. no longer see him

  2. Hello DiDi.
    Ah, thank you for stopping by. I'm glad you enjoyed reading my blog. :)

    Oh, yeah, Mini Ben is becoming moooore adorable day by day. He is one of my favorite. Love him so.

    OH MY JOSH!!! You know, I can't believe my eyes when I watch this. Josh was there. Ahhh, I am really happy to see him there. Yeah, I thought before he already left Libera, since he wasn't coming to Canada. but, thank God, he was there in video.

    Anyway, the video was beautiful. I really enjoyed it. Can't wait for the rest.

  3. I recently found a video where Josh with another chorus sings
    maybe you saw he was there in the first song solo.