More Pictures from Canada Tour

2 May 2011

Libera added some new pictures to their Gallery on the official website. But, I only choose the pictures when they have free time. Click here to see the rest of pictures.

 The boys in front of the church

Liam, JB, and Mini Ben (I prefer call him like that). Love them much.

Seems the miniature of CN Tower still taller than Jakob, Matthew-Jansen, and  Dylan

Moose met the Canadian Moose, Murray.

Ahh, I get it, so this is the serious climbing tree.
Hahaha, Barney, I wonder what are you looking at? Home? 
I also love the picture of Luke in the tree. Click here.

Jakob, Ralph, Barney, Mini James, and Jude at the hotel. Look at the circumstances.
It must be a hotel. A really good hotel.

Jude playing hockey. Simulated games, I believe, as they said in the blog.

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