Take A Break

1 Mar 2011

Okay, guys. So, I made up my mind. I want to tell you that I will break up with this blog. No, it does not mean that I'll end up this blog.  I love the blog so much. I can't live without it (LOL, joke!). Just need a break while. Now I want to focus on college. Actually I only need few weeks to make it. But, I'll be missing so much my blogging activity here.

That's soooo hard to me for stopping it, even for while. It's already my daily  life activity. Moreover, Libera has something new that I always waits. for all those time. So, I believe there is must be news or information from Libera officially in the next week maybe or at time around it. Maybe if there's an ALERT or URGENT news I'll post it on my blog. Of course IF I have time. *sigh
But, right now I reaaaally need time to deal with my college stuff. When I'm done with it, I'll be right back ASAP. Gonna miss you, blog! Anyway, Happy New Month. Welcome March. Hope I'll be better! 


  1. oh no: (I'm so upset
    I really love your blog, come as soon as the time and write about the guys
    I'm really going to wait. good luck in college:)

  2. Hi, DiDi.
    Yeah, it is soooo hard for me to do it. Really. But, I just want to finish my final project quickly.
    But, actually, it seems I can't do it (not blogging) for longer time. Hahahaha. And as you can see now, I just posted something new in my blog. For me, it is a BIG news, and I MUST post it. So, I did it. Hahahaha.
    Anyhow, I really appreciated and excited to know that you LOVES my blog. Thank you very much. It is really meant to me. :)
    And I'll be back ASAP after this college stuff ended. Goodluck for you too.