3 Mar 2011

If you are here wondering what happened to Libera360, they are fine. Click the logo below to visit the site.


  1. they are back!

    Libera Three-Sixty
    Why does Lbera360 keep going offline?
    June 16, 2011

    The answer is simple: We are a nonprofit site. When we started, the site was hosted on a regular shared hosting where we pay just $4.00 per month. But as the site grew the demand for hosting space and bandwidth increased and therefore a regular shared hosting is no longer possible. This explains why we were suspended from at least 3 shared hosting providers – for going over the bandwidth limit. The only solution available for Libera360 is to move to a Dedicated Host. But this kind of host is not cheap, they go for $180.00 per month, but through the generosity of some community members this is slowly becoming a possibility for our site. Currently we are in the process of doing just this, and hopefully we can sustain this for a very long time.

  2. Ouw, thank you for the explanation. I love I hope everything will be fine again. But, I'm glad,the website is back. Thank you again. :)

  3. Unfortunately Libera360 is no more, but there is aways which will always be there for Libera and the fans.

    1. Hello Adrian, Libera360 was suspended before but now it's up again