Epsom Report

19 Mar 2011

Thanks a bunch to Dani and Rebecca who made this review of Epsom Concert. I really can't wait for the pictures! LOL. Libera sung new songs in the concert: Song of Life, Jubilate, and Lamentione. Though those two last are not really 'new'. There was a new face there, Eoghan McCartney. Welcome to Libera!

Member list: Henry Barrington, Jonathan Barrington, Tiarnan Brandson, Jude Collins, Luke Collins, Liam Connery, Kavana Crossley, Jakob de Menezes-Wood, Dylan Duffy, Daniel Fontanaz, Freddie Ingles, Matthew Jansen, Stefan Leadbeater, Alex Leggett, Barney Lindsell, Eoghan McCarthy, James Mordaunt, Samuel Moriarty, Cassius O'Connell-White, Benedict Philipp, Matthew Rangel-Alvares, Carlos Rodriguez, and Ralph Skan.  
This list below is the program at the concert.

Jubilate - Stefan and Ralph chained with Libera
Freddie and Cassius speech 
Eternal Light - Stefan and Ralph
Sanctissima - Ralph
Kavana speech 
Always with You - Freddie with Jakob
Song of Life - Ralph.
Salva Me - Matthew and Stefan
Exultate - Stefan and Daniel


Mysterium - Ralph chained with Gloria
Freddie speech
Fountain - Ralph
When a Knight - Ralph
Stay with me - Daniel
Liam speech
Ave Verum - Carlos
Love and Mercy - James and Freddie
Going Home - James and Daniel
Jude speech
How Shall I sing - Jakob and Stefan
Encore: Exultate 

Sadly, no Josh and Matthew Madine, and Sam Legget too. According to Liam's speech, some older boys were at home studying. Sounds good, right? It means Josh and the others are not yet leaving Libera. Thank God!

Ralph now the main soloist. Stefan's voice has broken or its on the brink and has lost most of his solos with Ralph now head soloist. I'm glad to hear new solo parts for new soloists. So exciting! By the way, there is another report/review from fan_de_lok. Many thanks to him for the wonderful details. Click here


  1. I ADORE Freddie Ingles! He is my most favorite Libera member, I love him so much! I love Liam too, but Freddie is my #1. =D I LOVE LIBERA!

  2. How my heart would stop if I were able to hear his voice! I bet it was beautiful... ;D Libera rules!....

  3. Oh yeah, I heard Freddie was fabulous in the concert.