21 Mar 2011

Oh My Josh, you did it. Well done, lad! Congratulation! And thank you guys for voting for Josh in the AFTI Media Boy Poll 2010. Oh, dear, you deserve it, Josh. With your sweet-dreamy voice and smiley face, you made many fans fall for you. LOL. The poll ended on March 12, just 6 days after the Epsom concert! Right, Josh placed 9th with 19 points. Ah, proud of you!

The AFTI 2010 Result
Josh's competitors are the talented boys from the whole world, like Greyson Chance, Justin Bieber, etc. It was surprising that he could get the top 10 position. FYI, Josh has ever placed the 99th in 2007, and disappeared, then back in 2010 and won. 

The AFTI 2007 Result
Anyhow, we got the other members' names in this list result, they are: Ben Philipp (33), Kavana Crossley (39), Liam Connery (44), Tom Cully (60), Henry Barrington (73), Ralph Skan (73), Jonathan Barrington (88), Sam Leggett (88) and Jakob De Menezes-Wood (108). 

Once again, well done, boys!

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  1. wonderful for the boys. we knew how talented they were, now everyone knows. congratulations to them all.