Post-Concert Video

24 Mar 2011

Thank you to FliegenerTeppich, a Germany fan, who posted this video. It taken post Epsom concert. This is very nice. First thing I spot is Tom Cully walked down and smiled or something like that. Oh, how I miss him. Miss his wonderful treble voice. But, at least I'm glad he is still in Libera for assisting at the back stage. And then we could Daniel, Stefan, and Ralph were patiently facing fans, such as photographing, autographing, talking, etc. And then, Mini Ben whose big-warm smile in his face. Ah, such a gentleman. I always admires the way he smile, talk to fan. Love you, Mini Ben. This video ends with Liam (talking, and doing something I don't know, then the bus left. 


  1. hi)
    thanks for the video .. all so grown up, and Tom so handsome;)
    you accidentally do not know where you can view pictures from this concert?

  2. You're welcome DiDi.
    So far, there is no picture that shared by fan who attended the concert.
    Well, let's hope there is someone who would share it to us.