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24 Apr 2011

I won't repost the blog here at mine. But, I'd love to post some picture from the blog. It seems that the boys really enjoyed the tour, but tired at the same time. Tight schedule! Please click here to read their blog. Hmmm, I bet the blog wrote by Liam since he is the same age as JB who also have been revising for exams throughout the entire trip. I really like how he chose the words in the blog. Quite funny, but nice. Typical English. Here below are my favorite pictures, to find out more you can go to their blog

The boys and the wood moose. 
The boys in the concert. I love the purple color on their white-robes.
The 22 boys and the moose (again!).
Oops, we've been missing one boy. Who's that? Jude Collins, where are you?

Anyhow, HAPPY EASTER, guys! :)

Finale Part
At Hamilton
Having fun in CN Tower.
BTW, is that Jude, the boy among Stefan and Matthew-Jansen?
YEY, 23 boys. The complete team. 
Finally, I know who is Jude Collins. He looks a lot like Luke. They are brothers, aren't they?
Beautiful scenic

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