CANADA TOUR: Hamilton and Guelph

25 Apr 2011

Sold out concert!
 The stage at Hamilton.
Whoops, I just noticed that Sammy is really grown up and gotten taller than before.
Hahaha, Cassius is always waving with both hands. That was funny and cute.

All pictures above credit to Lexi, owner Mini Angels. Thank you for the lovely picture.

There were 850 people attended the Libera concert at West Highland Baptist Church-Hamilton. No doubt about it because the ticket for the concert was sold out. According to Mini Angels, it had an enthusiasm audience! They laughed and applauded for everything that the boys said. Even the CD/DVD that they sale in the concert was sold out. Amazing, right? It means that Libera got lots of new fans there. Yihay, welcome to Libera's world, guys! 

As usual Libera boys performed so great. They are successfully made a good impression to the audience. Every song sang very well. The boys gave their all the best on the night.

Ugh, guys, could you come to Indonesia too? I really can't wait to watch you live. I want to feel the same feeling that Canadian fans and others felt when you were singing live in a concert.GOD! I'm dying to meet you, Libera. Please come, please come to Indonesia! We want you, guys :)

Video from CTV News Southwestern Ontario

This video reported about Libera visit Church of Our Lady and sang twice, one for Easter Sunday Mass and one for the concert on the night. We can see our current speaker boys: Ralph, Kavana and Freddie told about how amazing the church and experience they got came to Canada. 

It seems the church are very welcoming to the boys. Joe Carere, the church music director, was impressed with the boys' talents. They were successfully amazed the audience at the church. (FYI, many people attended the Mass about 1000 people or more, even fews of them were standing in the back.They were singing 3 songs, and then joining with the church choir. Oh yeah, the old members were also singing in the Mass, such as Big Ben, Steven, Callum, Andy, etc). A warm-big applause for the boys in the end of Mass.

Though the boys usually a kind of classical music, still they are only kids. Ordinary kids like us. They also do Katty Perry's, Avril Lavigne's, or Justin Bieber's music. I love that parts in this video. 

Ralph, Stefan, and Daniel

How about the concert? That was another successful story. A short article from Guelph Mercury told that Libera wows Guelph audience. Ah, nice, nice. The tour had great end. I'm glad for you, boys. Proud of you. The article said:  
Members of the all-boy vocal group Libera perform for a capacity audience at Church of Our Lady Sunday evening. The renowned 23-member vocal group, whose members are aged seven to 16, is on a cross-Canada tour and sang twice at Church of Our Lady on Easter Sunday.

Yey, well done to all the boys and the crew. You did an AWESOME job. Overall, Canadian Tour 2011 was great and outstanding. If we take look at back, all of concerts went very well. Libera successfully amazed the Canadian with their breathtaking music. Whoa, the effect is Libera got lots of new fans in Canada. Hmmm, if it continues like this I believe Libera will be famous than before. Their music will be echoing in everywhere in the whole wide world. Auw, sounds fantastic. Anyway, the great thing from this tour is we have new incredible soloists, like Carlos and Matthew who are performing fabulous.

So, what's the next country will choose by Libera? I guess maybe somewhere in Europe. Or maybe INDONESIA? I really hope so (lol). But, the rumor said some countries in Europe have been invited Libera to their countries. Yeah, we'll wait and see. That is still mystery. Who knows, next is your country. Get ready, guys.

Again, CONGRATULATIONS for Libera. You guys rock! 

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