The Program from Canada Tour

28 Apr 2011

I just want to show you guys the Canadian Tour program. I accidentally found this from internet site. Thanks a bunch to Wake Seven who owns this picture. Here is the boys list. This help us to recognize all the boys, especially the newbies.

It can be purchased online at eBay, click here. The sale of the programs has been confirmed on Libera's Official Website. It is available internationally. Hmmm, that was good idea to sale it. So, another fans can have this one too. Ahhhh, I really want this, but sadly I can't buy it. I have no credit card or something like that to order it. Sad face! Wish someone outside there will buy one for me (hahaha, in my dream).
Buyer pays postage and packing:
Canada: 1 Program ($2.85); 2 Programs ($3.75); 3 Programs ($4.10); 4 Programs ($4.50); 5+ (contact seller). 
USA: 1 Program ($4.00); 2-4 Programs ($7.75); 5+ Programs (contact seller).  
International: 1 Program ($7.75); 2-4 Programs ($15.00); 5+ Programs (contact seller).

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