Dear Josh

6 Apr 2011

We all know anytime soon Josh will leave Libera. Canada Tour is more or less a week. So, we'll wait and see, if  he was there that mean he stay. If not? MAYBE he is no longer in Libera. But actually I'm still hoping he'll stay. At least, assisting Libera just like Tom did. Of course everything is back to him. Whatever way he choose I'll be supporting him. Always. Not only me, but also everyone who loves him. I'm sure.

So, before he really leave Libera, I want to present something for him. Well, it's not a great present. But, I think, it is the best I can give him right now. This is a kinda my standing ovation for you, Josh. I hope you'll like it.

Josh, wherever you are, just remember you are loved.


  1. According to Liam's speech in the Epsom concert, he said that some of the older boys are studying at home. Maybe Josh and Sam are studying for their tests. Not sure whether they'll go to Canada.

  2. Yeah, I know.
    But I hope for the best.
    Well, let's wait and see.