FULL VERSION: Song of Life

13 Apr 2011

Someone has uploaded the video contained full version of Song of Life. Thank you LiberaMex!You can download this song at iTunes Japan or order the CD at Amazon. To get an update visit SoundTown for more info.

Uhmm..what can I say? OH MY JOSH! Oh, Ralph, Ralph. Your voice is REALLY beautiful. I played it like a million times. Never get tired. Never get bored. I feel the new energy running through my body as I play the song. The more I heard, the more I like it.

Oh anyway, my favorite part is "Love plays along in our lives yet to come. As we join the song of life". It gave me goosebumps. OH-MY-GOD! Well, great job, Ralph and you all Libera boys. I love you more and more. Go Libera!

PS: Click here for the lyrics.

Watch the official video here: 
Song of Life-Official Video

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