INTERVIEW: Robert Prizeman and Kavana Crossley

23 Apr 2011

The Bridge interview with Robert Prizeman and Kavana Crossley on April 19, 2011. The topic is a kinda same like usual. The story about Libera, recruitment, song, and so on. But, I love how they answer the question, especially Kavana. It is always attractive. He is a really good speaker. 

The opening from the host: 
"If you enjoy listening to the angelic voices of boys choirs, you won't want to miss a concert happening in Chatham tonight. Libera, a boys choir from England, are performing at St. Paul's Congregational Church in Chatham tonight.This is their first Canadian tour....but they've performed for dignitaries around the world. Robert Priseman is the director of Libera. He joins me on the line. Also joining us is Kavana Crossley, one of the boys in the choir."

All thanks to Jimmy Riddle from Dreams Forum.

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